rectangle-10-copy-2112352f2wWould you wait until your child is an an adult to have them see a dentist? Probably not. From sugar intake, to losing baby teeth, to braces, dental health is an important part of ensuring your child’s overall health and wellness. While teeth support your ability to receive and breakdown nutrition, your spine is responsible for the majority of your body’s support, function, and mobility. So if you wouldn’t neglect your child’s dental care, why would you consider neglecting their spinal health when it is actually responsible for the majority of the body’s health and function?

Overall, proper spinal health is essential in preventing injury and solving a myriad of other conditions. Continue reading to find out why your whole family should receiving chiropractic services today.

How to tell if your child needs to see a chiropractor
The most common reason for parents to seek chiropractic help is when their child sustains trauma. Unless your child has sustained spinal trauma, it can be difficult to know if your child may need to go in for a spinal checkup. Look for a combination of these signs that your child may need a chiropractic appointment:

  • Irregular sleeping or lack of sleep
  • Stiff head or neck
  • One shoulder appears to be higher than the other

What happens in your child’s chiropractic service
The most important thing to note about a child’s chiropractic appointment versus an adult’s chiropractic appointment is that our chiropractic care and physical therapy is that each treatment is customized for the individual. So, an appointment for a child is adjusted for their body, size, age, and needs.

Not unlike your experience with a chiropractor, a child’s chiropractor will gather thorough medical history, perform an examination, and then evaluate initial pediatric spinal issues. Light pressure will be applied to adjust problem areas for your child with the end result of easing pain and promoting healing.

Will a chiropractic service hurt your child?
Only light pressure and gentle, precise movements are used in corrective chiropractic care for children. In rare instances of severe injury will your child experience pain during their visit. However, if there is a severe trauma present, your child is most likely tender at the site of the injury and the initial pressure of the adjustment will actually help them feel better after. Our job isn’t done until your child leaves our office with a smile on their face!

Is a chiropractic services safe for your child?
Yes. A chiropractic appointment is safe for everyone. Every patient, from infancy to the elderly, receives care and experiences relief from our chiropractic services. Our staff works diligently and delicately to optimize your long-term chiropractic health and wellness at every age.

Many individuals are surprised to know that chiropractic services are designed not only for adults, but for children of all ages as well. Spinal health and wellness is vital to promoting lifelong stability, mobility, and optimal body function for anyone of any age. Just like any other health or wellness check, you should be taking your children to see a chiropractic professional. Speak to one of our trained professionals to schedule your child’s appointment today!