1. Holiday Travel And Your Chiropractic Health, Part One

    With the dawn of Thanksgiving and the Holiday season rapidly approaching, it’s time to prepare for your travel arrangements. Sure, the stress of trying to coordinate plans, hanging out with your family for extended periods of time, and the expectations surrounding this time of year can be a hassle, but the biggest pain of the holiday season has nothing to do with your family or the occasion. Th…Read More

  2. Does My Child Really Need Chiropractic Care?

    Would you wait until your child is an an adult to have them see a dentist? Probably not. From sugar intake, to losing baby teeth, to braces, dental health is an important part of ensuring your child’s overall health and wellness. While teeth support your ability to receive and breakdown nutrition, your spine is responsible for the majority of your body’s support, function, and mobility. So if…Read More

  3. Tampa Chiropractor Discusses Different Types of Headaches

    Headaches are one of those health issues that can be mild and irritating, severe and debilitating, or one of many degrees in between. They can build up slowly or come on suddenly, and no matter how bad it is, almost everyone wants a remedy as soon as possible. There are several different types of headaches that a Tampa chiropractor can treat, so it is important to make an appointment if you suffe…Read More

  4. Tampa Chiropractor May Help TMJ

    Among the areas of the body that Tampa chiropractors are able to help, many people are surprised to learn that the jaw is on the list. It’s easy to associate back pain and neck pain with chiropractic treatment, but people who suffer from TMJ or Temporomandibular Joint Disorder in Tampa can also find relief. What Is TMJ? Temporomandibular Joint Disorder refers to a group of conditions that affec…Read More

  5. Tampa Chiropractor Discusses Herniated Discs

    One of the back conditions that patients routinely visit a Tampa chiropractor for is a herniated disc. This type of injury generally responds well to chiropractic treatment so it’s wise to schedule an appointment in the early stages. Herniated disc treatment can help patients avoid prescription pain medications and any side effects that come along with them. What Is a Herniated Disc? A herniate…Read More

  6. Colic May be Helped by Tampa Chiropractors

    Any parent that has had a colicky baby knows just how horribly frustrating and upsetting it can be. Not only do you have to see your child in discomfort or distress, but also it takes a toll on parents who aren’t able to sleep properly for weeks on end. All around colic is a condition that causes a lot of stress to everyone involved. Luckily, Tampa chiropractors may be able to offer some help w…Read More

  7. Tampa Chiropractor Discusses Proper Child Backpacks

    Although children are smaller than adults, and their bodies are still growing and developing, parents tend to weigh them down with backpacks that are far too heavy and unbalanced. Lower back pain is the most common health issue suffered by Americans and in many cases, it all starts in childhood with those oversized backpacks. No parent wants their child to suffer so listen to the advice of a Tamp…Read More

  8. Headache Tips from a Tampa Chiropractic Office

    Just about everyone in Tampa suffers from headaches once in awhile. Most of them don’t require any kind of medical attention and gradually subside with time. It is when a headache starts to interfere with your daily activities or takes them over completely that you need to seek professional attention. Follow these headache tips from a Tampa chiropractic office to find relief and stay one step a…Read More

  9. Tampa Chiropractor Explains the Value of Health

    The value of health is something that can never be overstated, no matter how long you talk about it. It’s easy to place other aspects of life ahead of health on the priority list, but once your health falters none of those other things matter. If you aren’t healthy enough to work, look after children or spend time with friends, then your health becomes all that matters. Take these pieces of a…Read More