Those who suffer from chronic or recurring back pain know how life-changing it can be. More than just an irritating annoyance, back pain can change the quality of one’s life by limiting physical function and lifestyle choices.

Offering comprehensive, long-term relief from back pain, our integrative medicine team strives to restore our patients’ back and spine health through both natural and medicinal back injury treatments. With a full-time chiropractor, medical doctor and physical therapist on staff, we approach your back pain problems from all aspects of health care. Working together to relieve your pain and rehabilitate the issues that cause it, our team of healthcare professionals provide all-encompassing back injury treatments that are meant to reduce the use of painkilling drugs and avoid invasive surgery.

Recurring back pain can be caused by a variety of problems, from pinched nerves or car accidents, bad posture, arthritis or other chronic illness, to simply the wrong choice of mattress or pillow. Regardless of the cause, we can help restore full functionality through chiropractic treatments and physical therapy and possible drug therapy if applicable. By approaching the underlying problems that lie within your spine, our back injury treatments eliminate back pain in the most natural and holistic ways.

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