As a leading cause of recurring and chronic back pain, disc injury can debilitate those who suffer from it, limiting their ability to remain active and negatively affecting their quality of life. Because so many conflicting and confusing terms exist regarding disc injury, sufferers also face the frustration of incomplete and erroneous diagnoses, which can also lead to ineffective and misplaced treatment. Our medical chiropractic office is dedicated to educating the people of Tampa about disc injury and effective back injury treatments. Keep reading to learn more about what may be the source of your discomfort!

What Causes Disc Injury?

Spinal discs are those shock-absorbing cushions that are found above and below each vertebrae, providing pliant “give” where the spine needs it most. Continuous stress or trauma can cause discs to move, swell and degenerate, causing lower back pain, radiating leg pain and numbness and weakness in the extremities.

Interchanging the terms to describe the disorder, doctors have often confused patients by describing the problem as a pinched nerve, slipped disc, herniated disc, bulging disc and degenerated disc. The issue is that professionals often disagree on the exact definition of any of these terms, creating confusion and frustration for their patients.

Back Injury Treatments For Disc Pain

Regardless of the terms used, we approach the problem of disc injury with a comprehensive exam and diagnosis before we ever begin treating the issue. The challenges of spinal disc injuries create a need for an all-encompassing back treatment plan that is conservative in nature in order to avoid invasive surgery. By providing highly-effective chiropractic treatments and coupling them with routine physical therapy measures, our team at Swann Medical team has been able to provide long-term pain relief to hundreds of our valued patients.

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