With the neck being in such a vulnerable, yet essential position, neck pain is almost an inevitable part of growing older. With so many forces affecting the health and functionality of your neck, wear, tear and long-term damage are existent in most adults. Even those who feel no recurrent or bothersome neck pain are likely to show some degeneration in the neck area of their spine. Over time, arthritis, disc degeneration and pinched nerves in the spine can all cause neck pain to increase, in both intensity and duration.

By first restoring the correct alignment of the neck and its structure, we strive to eliminate neck pain through both medical chiropractic and therapeutic measures. At Swann Medical, we start the treatment of neck pain with a thorough diagnostic exam, designed to pinpoint the exact cause of spinal injury. From those results, we can develop a treatment plan that is intended to not only relieve pain but to restore the full functionality of your neck and spine, in order to avoid future neck and back problems.

We Can Eliminate Pinched Nerves In The Spine

Treating each patient with individualized attention and customized treatments, our chiropractors, physical therapists and medical doctors work together to create an integrative healthcare treatment plan that addresses your specific spinal injury problem with intention and purpose.

Find out how liberating a life free of neck pain can be by starting your path to wellness with the professionals at Swann Medical. Schedule your next appointment with us by calling our patient care team today.