Sciatica symptoms are quite different from other sources of lower back pain, making them not only easily recognizable, but fairly easily treatable. Though untreated sciatica can be troubling and fairly painful, routine spinal health care from a chiropractic physician can quickly reduce pain and complete eliminate other symptoms.

Combining the treatment modalities of chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy and medicinal aide as needed, the Swann Medical team provides all-encompassing health care that alleviates the radiating pain, loss of mobility and muscle weakness associated with sciatica. Because sciatica is most often caused by pressure on the sciatic nerve in the lower back, we place our attention on relieving that pressure. Your customized spinal health treatment plan will be focused on improving the health of your spine in order to more fully relieve you of chronic pain.

Our Unique Approach To Spinal Injuries

Our unique approach to integrative health care is designed to treat the underlying cause of any musculoskeletal disorder, ensuring long-term optimal health and wellness. Only after a complete physical and diagnosis do we begin to design a unique plan of attack that is customized to your specific needs. No two patients are the same, so we never clone your treatment plan, rather our chiropractic physicians deliver healthcare that is focused on your unique situation.

Find out how our patient-focused, integrative approach to wellness can help you change the way you view your daily life. We can help you start your path to a pain-free life today. Please call for a spinal health consultation today.

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