1. first visit was amazing

    My first visit was amazing, Very friendly staff, the Dr”s know what the are talking about and explain everything so that even I understood. The treatment was great and painless. I felt great when finished and will be back… Thank You Dr. O’Hara.

    Tampa, Florida

    - Don Hollingsworth
  2. treated me very well

    I came to Swann Medical with extreme back pain from a car accident. The staff treated me very well, they are awesome. Smart educated doctors, professional, clean, and a family business. Before I could not sleep 3 hours straight but the doctors showed me how to reduce my sleep discomfort. As a result of coming to Swann Medical, I have less severe pain, less headaches, and I sleep better.
    Tampa, FL

    - Megan Kane
  3. straightforward staff

    Nice, straightforward staff. Prices are great. Getting a massage next week

    Tampa, Florida

    David Adrien Gonzalez
  4. Very nice staff

    Very nice staff! The doctors are phenomenal and really know how to help and what to do for your specific condition and needs. The office is technology up to date and they have so many other services to offer. I would recommend them to all!
    Plant City, Florida

    - April Bryan
  5. Very pleasant and professional staff.

    Very pleasant and professional staff.

    Dr McKenna and Dr O’Hara were amazing , their treatment changed my life ! I thought I had to live with pain , they changed that for me.
    I’m very grateful for their care.
    –  Apollo Beach, Florida

    Donna Gargas,
  6. personable and kind

    I was recommended to try this free, after 3 ER visits and a trip to my PC I still struggled to breathe and was in unbelievable pain. After the first visit I could breathe without difficulty. The staff is personable and kind, family oriented, well educated, informative, and has worked for my health since day one (on and off tthclock). I’m totally impressed. They have hope for my health even when I’ve been pessimistic.

    Tampa, Florida

    - Victoria Bennett,